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Stay fit during "shelter-in-place"

Classes Available Monday – Friday, all classes 55 minutes

Meeting ID 524 547 0219

Tuesday               8:30 am    High Intensity Interval Training

Wednesday         8:30 am    Classical Pilates Fusion

Thursday            9:00 am    Pilates with Props

In person classes (Limit 3)

(Outside Reformer, masks worn through out the class,

temperature checks upon check-in, social distancing).

Monday               9:00 am (FULL)

Monday             10:00 am 

Adding classes   TBA


$120    All Class Pass for 30 days

(take as many classes per week as you would like)

$15      Drop-In fee per class

Payment Methods

  Venmo: @pharris01

  Credit Card: text or call me with *Credit card number, *Expiration date, *CCV

  PayPal: fitbrownie@yahoo.com (note "Pilates classes")

  Mail Check: 748 Le Mans Way, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019


THANK YOU all so much for your continued support of Coast Pilates & Fitness!

Join us in our boutique studio where you will receive the individual attention needed to attain your fitness goals. All of our pilates classes focus on Joseph Pilates’ techniques, incorporating alignment, posture and breathing – all to help improve your core strength, flexibility, lean muscle and balance.

Adult Classes are always small groups of 5 or less, so each person receives individual instruction throughout the class.

Pamela has worked in the fitness industry for 25 years. She has degrees in Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, as well as, Certifications in Pilates, Personal Training and TRX. With 12 years of instructing pre-natal classes in conjunction with Kaiser Hospital, Pamela has the experience to tailor an exercise program to meet your pre-natal needs in a safe and effective manner. Pilates is also a terrific way to regain your pelvic floor strength after you have your baby. 

Pamela has also trained many athletes to improve performance and recover from sports injury. From high school athletes to weekend warriors, Pamela’s background will help you recover from injuries faster and build a program that will keep you from getting injured in the future. 

Pamela’s fitness knowledge assures that she will
help you achieve your fitness goals.



8:00 am     Pilates Mat & Reformer

6:30 pm     Pilates Mat & Reformer 


8:30 am     Pilates Powerhouse Push

9:30 am     Pilates Basics

10:30 am   Stability, Balance & Injury Prevention


8:30 am     Pilates Mat & Reformer



8:30 am     Pilates Mat & Reformer

9:30 am     Pilates Basics

2:00 pm     Pilates Middle School Mash-Up

4:00 pm     Teen Pilates



8:30 am     Pilates Mat & Reformer

9:30 am     Pilates Basics  

All Classes are 55 minutes.   /  Call to join a class or schedule an appointment.


Small Group Training with a maximum of 5 students in each class.

Pilates Mat & Reformer

This class incorporates pilates mat and pilates reformer (pilates machine) exercises to improve core strength, increase flexibility, gain lean muscle and improve posture. Appropriate for all levels of fitness.


Pilates Basics

Traditional Pilates movements incorporating reformer, magic circle and pilates ball into each exercise. Proper alignment and body positioning is focused on throughout this class. This class improves strength, endurance, increasing muscular fitness, core strength and flexibility. Perfect for beginners or people re-entering pilates.

Pilates Powerhouse Push

This class takes pilates movements to the next level with a high intensity style class. Move quickly through pilates based circuits structured to improve endurance, strength, and the “pilates powerhouse,” The Core!

Stability, Balance & Injury Prevention

This class emphasizes the work of muscle groups that help you to maintain a healthy posture and prevent injury. Increasing stability, flexibility and balance are the concentration of this class. Balance training should be challenging, but not scary. This class will give you the confidence to succeed in your fitness goals.

Teen & Tween Pilates Classes

Small group training with a maximum 8 students in each class.


Middle School Pilates Mash-Up

This fun filled class is specifically designed for middle schoolers. The class combines Pilates exercises that improve core strength, flexibility, along with exercises to improve endurance and cardiovascular strengthening. The setting is a fun, non-competitive environment.   

Teen Challenge

This class is built for high school and middle school students to improve their strength, flexibility, core strength and posture. This class is a great workout and a great addition to improving any sport in which your child is participating.


Personal Training

Set your own time and goals with this one-on-one training. Personal Training is ideal for those just getting started in fitness or those who have specific fitness needs. Working one-on-one allows you to address all your goals for fitness and work closely with Pam to achieve those goals. Our studio currently works with all levels of fitness. From elite athletes to post pregnancy to improving posture.


Injury Recovery Personal Training

Pamela’s background in Physical Therapy allows you to feel comfortable exercising in our studio. Wether you are currently in Physical Therapy, or need to increase your strength, flexibility, or body alignment due to an ongoing injury, Pamela can help assess your needs and create a program that will bring you back to wellness.



Adult Classes (55 minutes / maximum 5 people)

$40   Drop-in fee

$35   Monthly fee (one class per week at a set

         day/time, paid at the start of the month)


Kids Classes (45 minutes)

$20   Drop-in fee

$90   Six weekly sessions (paid at the start of

         the session, no refunds for missed classes)


Personal Training

$80   One-on-one training (55 minute session)

$75   Per session for pre-purchased 10 pack

$100  Duet (two people / 55 minute session)

$90    Duet per session for pre-purchased 10 pack



• Session packs must be paid at the start of the first session.

• Monthly fees must be paid at the start of the month

• Please give 24 hour notice to cancel class or personal training.

   Clients will be charged if giving less than 24 hour notice.

• Please wear sticky socks or non-skid socks to class each time.

• Early cancel please plan a make up class within that same month.

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